• Struggling to keep up with day to day admin?

  • Unable to concentrate on growing your business?

  • Need work done but don't want to employ someone on a permanent basis?

Virtual Assistant York Lime VA Services York

Lime VA Services provides Virtual Assistant and Business Administration Services to business owners and consultants who require support on a daily basis in order that they can concentrate on the more important aspects of running and building a business.


If you don’t already work with a Virtual Assistant, I could be just what you need in order to free up some of your time as it is a flexible service allowing businesses to hire a Virtual Assistant for an agreed number of hours per week or per month.  


I work with organised professionals who are good at what they do, know what they want and understand the value of outsourcing.  Work done remotely is proven to be more focused and done much faster as there are no office distractions and you only pay for the time used on your work.